Friday, April 9, 2010

Faculty: Summer 2010 Blackboard Course Setup

PGCC Online Faculty:

I. Summer 2010 Blackboard Course Setup

The Blackboard Course Site Request Form for Summer 2010 is now available at .

You must know the Colleague course number and section prior to completing the form. For example: ART-1010-DL01, EGL-1320-HY02, PSY-1010-LE04, etc. We do not use the synonym number for Blackboard.

You may submit summer 2010 Bb course requests now, however, online course setup has priority. You will receive an email once your request is complete.

eLearning Services will begin processing Summer Blackboard requests based on the following schedule:

  • Summer 2010 Online and Hybrid: setup will begin immediately
  • Summer 2010 On-Campus: setup will begin April 19, 2010

Please submit your Summer 2010 Blackboard Course Site Request Form via the web before May 14th. The form is online at . We are only able to accept requests submitted via the online web form - no emails, phone calls or paper forms will be processed.

All Summer Online and Hybrid/Online class(es) starting June 1st MUST be setup and ready for your students on the morning of Wednesday, May 26th. If we receive your course request after Friday, May 14, 2010, your form may not be processed in time for you to prepare your online course(s).

Please Note: YOUR COURSE COPY REQUEST WILL NOT BE COMPLETED UNTIL AFTER ALL COURSES ARE SETUP. Summer Online Course copy requests will not be processed until May 26th. However, you can copy your course by following the instructions in the link in section II below.

II. How to Expedite the processing of your request

To expedite the processing of your request, you can:

Use the correct Course Form. There is a different course form for online and on-campus courses. Be sure to select the appropriate form for the course setup you are requesting. If you do not see your course in the drop down list, you may have selected the wrong course form.

2. Verify the Course Number and Section you are teaching before entering it on the Request Form . This information is assigned to you by your department chair. It is not safe to assume it is the same as previous semesters.

Copy the course materials using the Control Panel. Rather than requesting course materials be copied by eLearning Services, you can copy the course materials from your previous course from the Control Panel. For detailed instructions on how to copy your course materials, please visit this link,

Be patient--You will receive an email once your course request is complete. Each semester, we receive 1,000+ requests for Blackboard Course Site setup. We often receive numerous emails and phone calls asking about the status of the course request. The time we spend responding to these emails and calls delays processing of the course setup. Please know that we work diligently to process all course requests as quickly as possible with online and hybrid courses having priority.

Describe special requirements for your online course(s) . Please specify any special requirements as well as exams to be taken on-campus (i.e., midterm, final, all exams, etc.) in the comments section of the form.

By doing the 5 steps above, you will assist us tremendously in completing the processing of your course form.

If you have questions about the Blackboard Course Site setup, please contact eLearning Services at or 301-322-0463.

Thank you.

Rhonda Spells Fentry
Director, eLearning Services