Thursday, May 23, 2013

Potential Blackboard Copy Issue

Are you planning to copy your 2012 summer course to create your 2013 summer course?  If so, this email contains important information regarding the setup of your 2013 summer course.  If you are not planning to copy your 2012 summer course, then this information may not apply to you.

We would like to inform you of a potential problem with documents that were attached to 2012 summer (2012SU) courses.  We have found that many of the documents that were attached to 2012SU courses were inadvertently deleted by Blackboard last December when they ran a process to delete ‘orphaned’ content.   Before copying your 2012SU course, please go into the course and look to see if your documents are available.  If they are not, you will see a red error message where the document should be attached that looks like the following:

red error message example

In order to resolve this issue, Blackboard has restored all of the 2011 summer courses, which you can now access on your Blackboard course list.  Although these courses are 2 years old, this is the only available option to retrieve documents from a summer semester.  If you have taught the class in a more recent semester such as 2013SP or 2012FA, the documents should still be available in those courses.

If you had reconfigured your 2012SU course to use the 7 template buttons, it is recommended that you use that course to copy into your 2013SU course to keep the required button structure.  You will then need to download the documents from your 2011SU course and re-upload them into your 2013SU course.

If you receive this error in courses from semesters other than 2012 summer, please contact eLearning.