Monday, February 11, 2019

Problems Uploading PowerPoint

Blackboard users with Windows 10 and Office 2016 are receiving the following message when attempting to upload PowerPoint files to the Whiteboard in Blackboard Collaborate for web conferencing:

                "Failure Calling PowerPoint to Process Presentation"

At this time, the following workarounds are available:
  1. Download and use Apache OpenOffice to complete the PowerPoint upload process
  2. Save and upload your PowerPoint slides as image files:
To Save the Slides as Images
·         Open PowerPoint
·         Open the presentation needed
·         Click File
·         Click Save as Pictures
·         Save the pictures to your Desktop for easy finding
·         Select Format: JPEG
·         Click Save
·         The images are now saved to a new folder on your Desktop
To Upload the Images to your Session
·         Open your Collaborate session
·         Click Load Content
·         Browse to the Desktop folder created above and select all of the images from the newly created folder by pressing Command + A
·         Click Open
·         Select: Import Images as Individual Pages > Load
·         The Page Explorer will open. This will allow you to move slides to different rooms and organize them.