Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Problem Deleting Grade Center Columns?

This is a reminder for all faculty who have used Turnitin in the past.

Those of you who have used Turnitin Assignments in Blackboard in the past now find that you have Grade Center columns that were attached to the Turnitin Assignments that you cannot delete.

Blackboard has informed us that they can delete these columns from the back-end database, but will need for us to:
       (a) rename the Turnitin assignment Grade Center columns to “Delete Me” and
       (b) send a list of course Ids for courses with Turnitin assignment columns to be deleted          from the Grade Center. The columns must be renamed and the course Ids sent to             eLearning by 4:00 PM on Friday, November 21st.

NOTE:  Blackboard will only do this ONE time so information must be sent to eLearning by 4:00 PM November 21st  

If your course has Turnitin assignment Grade Center columns, please do the following:

1.     Go into your Grade Center and rename all Turnitin assignment columns to
       ‘Delete Me’ by doing the following:
     a.    Go into Full Grade Center
     b.    Scroll over to the Turnitin assignment column(s)
     c.    Click on the column menu (down arrow next to the column name)
     d.    Select ‘Edit Column Information’
     e.    Change the Grade Center Name to ‘Delete Me’
     f.     Click Submit

2.  Complete step 1 for all courses that have Turnitin assignment columns.

3. Send the list of course Ids for each course with "Delete Me" columns to    eLearning@pgcc.edu.
              Example course id:  2014FA-EGL-1010-LD01.