Thursday, September 29, 2011

Early Alert

Information for Students:

Please check your grade screen in Owl Link to see if your instructor has issued an Early Alert notice. If your professor has indicated that you have poor attendance, poor grades/tests/assignments, or both — poor attendance and poor grades, please make an appointment to meet with your professor as soon as possible to determine the steps you can take to improve your academic performance. Be assured that HELP IS AVAILABLE, so act early. Also, take advantage of the college's support services. Contact or visit any or all of the support services offices listed below:

The Tutoring and Writing Center - Bladen Hall 107 (Assistance with courses and writing assignments)
The ALANA Experience - Marlboro Hall 2102 (Assistance with academic skill support and mentoring)
Academic Advising - Bladen Hall 124 (Assistance with course selection, educational planning, and selecting a major)
Counseling Services - Bladen Hall 122 (Assistance with personal problems or concerns, anxiety and stress)
Disability Support Services - Bladen 124 (Assistance for students with documented disabilities)
Student Support Services - Marlboro Hall 2087 (Individualized tutoring, academic coaching for qualified first generation students)
Vocational Support Services - Marlboro Hall 2102 (Study skills support and help with adjusting to test taking)

For additional information, feel free to contact me, Kathy Hopkins, Director of Retention Services at 301-322-0840 or — We are here to help you be successful in reaching your educational and career goals