Monday, December 16, 2013

Setup of Spring 2014 Online Courses

Setup of Spring 2014 Blackboard Online and Hybrid Courses has begun. Online faculty that have been posted as instructors in Colleague have been enrolled into their Blackboard courses using data retrieved directly from Colleague/Owl Link.  This is a reminder that online and hybrid faculty will not be enrolled as instructors in Blackboard until they are posted as instructors in Colleague.

Procedure for Blackboard Online and Hybrid Course Setup:
  1. The faculty assignment is entered into Colleague/Owl Link (by the department chair, dean or other designee).
  2. Through an automated process, faculty are enrolled in their online and hybrid courses in Blackboard based on the faculty assignment entered into Colleague/Owl Link.
  3. Once faculty are enrolled in their Blackboard courses, they will receive an email. The email will contain an electronic form requesting faculty to respond with any “Special Instructions” for their online and hybrid courses. “Special Instructions” include Instructor Orientation information, On-campus testing, and Special Computer Requirements that are posted on the eLearning website for student access prior to the start of the semester. All online and hybrid faculty should reply to that email even if they have no “Special Instructions” (in which case they would enter “None”).