Monday, September 2, 2013

Bb UPDATE: Known issues resulting from Upgrade to SP13

Since the Blackboard upgrade to SP13, the following issues have been encountered.  Please click the issue for details and solution/workaround.

Issue: Cannot Copy and Paste in Blackboard
Impacts: All Blackboard users
Description:  Users cannot copy and paste even when using Ctrl-C (Copy) and Ctrl-V (Paste).
Example: If you copy an announcement you will not be able to paste the announcement text anywhere in Blackboard using Ctrl-V.
For the solution/workaround, click here

Issue:  Videos, images and other media do not display within the Blackboard page
Impacts: All Blackboard users
Description: Video and other unsecure content do not display within Blackboard or opens as a blank page.
Example: Students and faculty open a Blackboard page that should display a video, an image or other unsecure media and the item does not display on the page.
For the solution/workaround, click here

Issue:  Discussion Board threads have another instructor as the author
Impacts: Blackboard Course Instructors only
Description: Discussion threads posted by the instructor are showing the author as someone other than the course instructor.
Example: In a course taught by Professor X, the discussion threads display Professor Z as the author.
For the solution/workaround, click here

Issue: When replying to multiple threads within a discussion forum, the textbox is prepopulated with the previous reply
Impacts: All Blackboard users using Firefox
Description: When attempting to reply or to quote a discussion board thread using Firefox the Visual Text Box Editor will incorrectly display the text submitted in the previous thread reply.
Example: In the discussion board, after submitting a reply to Student A, you click reply to Student B.  The textbox for the Student B reply contains the text you submitted for Student A.

For the solution/workaround, click here

We will provide an update as we get more information.