Friday, March 8, 2013

Why Your Students See ALL Discusson Boards

The known issue with the Blackboard Discussion Board forums explained below has been fixed.  Students should no longer see Discussion Board forums that are marked as ‘Unavailable’ or have a selected date range that is outside of the current date.

Please note that there is a known issue in Blackboard that allows students to see Discussion Board forums even if they are configured to “Not Available” or have date range restrictions. See below for when and what a student can see.

Discussion Boards marked “Unavailable” still show up on the main Discussion Board page. 
Students can read the name and description of the forum, but they cannot enter or post to the forum. 

  1. The name of the forum is still displayed and the link looks active although a statement saying “This forum is currently unavailable” (see image below) is seen under the forum name. 
unavailable forum screenshot
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  1.  If the student clicks on the forum name (or if there are old posts existing in the forum the student can click on the number of posts), a red “Access  Denied” message is displayed that says they do not have access. 
access denied example
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All Discussion Boards marked “Available” are accessible even if date range is selected 
Even if the date range would indicate that students should not be able to see the forum,
students can still read the name and description of the forum on the main Discussion Board page,
AND they can enter and post to the forum, too. 

  1. Students can access any forum marked ‘Available’ and create a thread even though the statement under the forum name says that the forum is no longer available.
available forum screenshot
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Blackboard is aware of this issue and will fix it in a future service pack.  We will keep you informed when we are on a release where it has been fixed.