Friday, September 17, 2010

Blackboard 9.1 Best Viewed With Mozilla Firefox

Bb 9.1 Tip for All Blackboard Users

eLearning Services has discovered that Blackboard 9.1 is best viewed using Mozilla Firefox.

However, if you MUST use Internet Explorer, and you are annoyed by the repeated securtity warnings, follow these steps to make them stop:

1. Go to Tools, Internet Options
2. Click on Security
3. Click on Internet
4. Click on Custom Level
5. Browse through the settings until you come to Miscellaneous (about half way down)
6. Under that heading look for “Display Mixed Content”
7. Click on Enable
8. Click on OK

To get rid of the first warning that comes up when you go to

1. Go to Tools, Internet Options
2. Click on Security
3. Click on Trusted Sites
4. Click on the “Sites” button
5. Add the following 2 websites:
6. Click on Close
7. Click on OK


  1. This is actually not true. One of the biggest glitches that Blackboard has through Firefox is that there is no internal scroll bar on some of the features (particularly the blog tool). this means that students are unable to scroll down to the "Save and Exit" button to submit their work. This results in the instructor accessing a bunch of blank screens where blog entries should be. The solution? Go through Internet Explorer. While a bit clunkier (the grade center takes an extremely long time to load and refresh), students can scroll down.

  2. Firefox is the recommended browser to use with Blackboard, however, this is not consistent with all 3rd party software being used in Blackboard. The blog tool is a 3rd party software tool that is best viewed with Internet Explorer. We realize this is inconsistent and have discussed this with the vendor to hopefully resolve this problem in the future.

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