Friday, March 5, 2010

Internet "College" Offering Gen Ed Courses for $99/month

I thought I would share an interesting article that was in last Friday's (2/26) Washington Post about an internet company, Straighterline, based in Alexandria that is offering start anytime, self-paced Gen Ed courses for $99 per month.

The $99/month "tuition" includes up to 10 hours of online tutoring! More interestingly, they have partnered with a few "brick and mortar" institutions to accept these credits, and at least one is accredited by Middle States!

Here is an interesting quote from the article: "It's good for students, and these sorts of things do force traditional universities to rethink the things they do," said Terry Hartle, senior vice president of the American Council on Education, which represents college presidents.

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If you want to check out the Straighterline website:

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  1. Hello -- Thank you for posting an entry about StraighterLine. Would PGCC be interested in awarding credit directly for StraighterLine's college courses like StraighterLine's existing partners? Since all of StraighterLine's courses have been approved by the American Council on Education's credit recommendation service and PGCC awards credit for ACE approved courses already, this seems like it might be an easy partnership. This would drive more students to PGCC's distance learning program and give students more options for college credit. Please let me know. Sincerely, Burck Smith, CEO StraighterLine